Castello Della Sala is located in the umbria region, not far from the Tuscan border and 18 kilometers from the historic city of orvieto. The medieval castle covers 1,235 acres, of which 420 acres are planted in vineyards between 722 and 1,541 feet above sea level. Castello Della Sala is ideal for growing white varieties, with its clay soil and vineyards warm in the early morning.

Its characteristic microclimate is mild and cold in winter, hot and dry in summer, and the early morning fog is an important factor in cooling the vineyards and perfectly ripening the grapes. The only exception is Pinot Noir, a red variety found in the region that can express its full potential.

The Muffato Della Sala restaurant presents a lively and bright golden color. Intense and complex, with distinct citrus fruit flavors, along with hints of peach, apricot and saffron. The palate is enclosed, but not overdone, with slight iodine and very long continuity and persistence. Though still young, it is balanced, a wine destined to evolve over time and add aromatic complexity.

Clay rich in Marine fossil deposits.