Near the sea between Tuscany and lazio, the shores of the Etruscan sea are a fascinating region, and fortuna is located in the heart of the region of skarnar-malema. Fortuna, from the Latin "fertus," means fertility and good wishes. The winery has 150 hectares of land, 50 of which are planted with high-quality grapes such as sangiovese, cabernet sauvignon and syrah. In addition to the grapes, the estate has 5.5 hectares of olive trees planted to make high-quality olive oil. Thanks to a beautiful artificial lake nearby, the winery USES drip irrigation.

The centre of the estate is a 1, 200-square-metre malema-style building surrounded by beautiful gardens. Located in the center of the manor, the wine cellar is a wooden structure that integrates tradition and modernity. The winery strives for perfection and produces typical fine wines in the style of malema, which has been highly praised in recent years.