In 1926, the Coli brothers Pietro and Giovanni established their family estate in the Chianti hills outside Florence. They began producing and selling Chianti wines and Chianti Classico grade wines in the region. In 1943, the brothers of the kelly family gradually took over the management and operation of the winery. Elio Coli managed the winery business for more than 30 years until 1975, when the brothers Giampiero Coli and Gianfranco Coli officially entered the operation and management of the winery.

Over the years, COLI has continuously improved its brewing technology and has become one of the most modern and competitive wineries in Tuscany. The success of the COLI brand is attributed to the forward-looking thinking of the COLI family members, who have combined their product features well with the ever-changing market demand. In doing so, they kept in mind the spirit of their founders and succeeded in connecting Italian traditions to quality, making technological improvements day by day.

Today, COLI, through the efforts of four generations of winemakers, is one of the largest Chianti producers in Tuscany, with 450 hectares of vineyards and dozens of Italian and international grape varieties, three of which are located around Florence. COLI chateau wine products for its excellent quality at home and abroad, sell like hot cakes across five continents, in addition to outside Italy, also contains the whole of Europe, Russia, Canada in North America, the United States, South America, Brazil, Ecuador and China in Asia, Japan, and Australia Australia, New Zealand and other countries.

COLI will continue to show its vitality and continue to focus and meet the market demand of customers, which makes it successful in both the Italian market and the world market. In 2000, in order to meet the market demand, the winery expanded accordingly -- the wine storage area was reconstructed, and the storage capacity was increased by 100,000 H. -- new modern laboratories that can continuously monitor wine quality; -- the establishment of a new bottling plant has increased its bottling capacity by nearly 13 million bottles per year.

Through the improvement of these infrastructure, Coli winery has a strong competitiveness in large-scale distribution trade. In addition, Coli winery also has two vineyards capable of producing fine wines, Pratale and Montignana, which also enables the company to have considerable development potential in the competition of fine wine market. In major trade activities in international trade, Coli is committed to meeting the market needs of customers, suppliers and partners, providing excellent products to wine consumers.

After the new market strategy of COLI chateau came to China, it immediately cooperated with Shanghai winery, and as the most representative of COLI Tuscany dry red wine of Shanghai winery, it was quickly introduced to the Chinese market, in the hope of presenting Tuscany good wine and typical local performance to Chinese wine lovers.