Diesel is a famous Italian fashion brand founded in 1978 by Renzo Rosso. As founder Renzo Rosso put it, "Diesel never induces customers to buy something. Instead, it communicates a feeling For life. I believe in the taste of the customers and they believe in me."

In 1993, Renzo Rosso bought more than 100 hectares of land north of Vicenza, where Diesel Farm was built.

Renzo rosso has introduced organic farming and biodynamic methods in Diesel Farm.

From the cultivation, management and harvest of grapes to wine making, no chemical reagent is used and more attention is paid to the protection of soil fertility and ecological sustainable development. The hilly terrain and vast area here make up a complete small ecosystem. Now the manor is not only rich in high-quality fruits, but also has an excellent pasture, rich in vegetation and beautiful scenery.

The biodynamic method regards the whole planting area as a whole and emphasizes the biological diversity. By studying the changes of sun, moon and stars and giving corresponding guidance at the right time, the biodynamic method can enhance the vitality of plants and animals and bring unique and unforgettable sensory experience to the final wine.

Diesel Farm's first bottle was born in 1999.