Located in Alba, Prunoto is the most important city in the Lanhe region between Barbaresco and Barolo on the right bank of the Tanaro River, in the gentle plains of the Lan River and the Luolu territory surrounded by vineyards. on. The scenery around Alba is fascinating.

The Anthony family was attracted by such rich natural beauty, unique vineyards and soil, and decided to invest time and energy in this land. I believe their efforts will make Prunoto today's Prunoto, Piedmont. One of the most important wineries in the region.

The co-winery, Ai Vini delle Langhe, was founded in 1904 in a conference room in the Serralunga community, in the presence of notary Giacomo Oddero and young witness Alfred Prunotto. Some of those involved in drafting the constitutional bill have made their mark on the stories of the many small producers in alba and the nearby langa community and the surrounding area.

The first harvest was in 1905. The years that followed were difficult, with economic instability, a situation exacerbated by the first world war. In 1922, when the co-op winery needed an update, many members decided not to donate their grapes. So, although this is an unusual year. The distillery began to experience serious economic problems and was liquidated.

During the crisis, the young Alfredo Prunotto met luygina and married her. He decided to take over the co-winery Ai Vini delle Langhe with luijina and gave his name to the winery. Thanks to the persistence of the newlyweds, the winery soon became famous and began exporting wine around the world: first to South America, then to the United States, where the market opened up in those years. Prunotto is one of the few companies to believe in the economic future of the new world.

In 1956, Alfredo Prunotto decided to quit the company, handing it over to his friend, wine expert Beppe Colla, arlo Filiberti, who later helped him with his Tino Colla.