Le Mortelle:

Le Mortelle is located in the heart of Maremma, Tuscany, just a few kilometres from the town of Castiglioni Pescaia. It is in a very charming location, both in its natural surroundings and in the surrounding area.

The family of the Anthony family has always been in this area. The Property Law of 1863 mentions, among other things, Poggio Franco, one of the highest quality vineyards in the estate, and other plots. Since 1999, the family has been working in vineyards and new cellars, and they believe that this part of Tuscany has gained a lot of popularity throughout the Italian viticulture and has great potential for quality wines. Here, we can express the characteristics of terroir and grape varieties at a high level. The estate covers an area of approximately 675 acres (270 hectares), of which 425 acres (170 hectares) are planted in Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc grapes, as well as recently grown white varieties (Vimendino, Ansonic and Viognier) ) and a small portion of the Camerne grapes.

Medium-hard sand and soil, mainly composed of clay and silica, and in some areas, there are quite a few stones.