26 generations of long heritage

Since Piero Antinori joined the Florentine Wine Merchants Association in 1385, the Anthony family has been engaged in the wine industry as always, and now has a long history of more than 600 years. The family celebrated the wine industry in 1985. Anniversary commemoration. In its long history of twenty-six generations, the Anthony family has consistently adhered to the respect of tradition and Tuscan land, and has always managed to make winemaking with innovation and even bold ideas. Achievements.

At present, the head of the Anthony family is Marchese Piero Antinori, who manages the wine empire with the help of his three daughters, Abela, Allegra and Alisa. After twenty-six generations of inheritance, the Antinori family has always created history.

In 1512, the famous Italian sculptor Andrea Della Robbia created for the Alexander Anthony family and later became the family crest.

The famous Italian architect Giuliano da Maiano built the family's Anthony family building in 1466, located in the heart of Florence, where family members are still living.

Wine family

From the history of the family's winemaking, the area of the vineyards, the number of vineyards and the sales in Italy, Anthony's family is the first in Europe to be a well-deserved wine family.

In addition to the traditional manor houses in Tuscany and Umbria, the family has the best vineyards in Italy, such as Piedmont, Lombardy and Puglia, producing elegant and individual wines. At the same time, the family is looking for the best quality vineyards in other wine producing regions of the world, investing a lot of manpower and resources to explore the rich potential of grape growing. Such as the Napa Valley, Chilean Andes, Hungary, Malta and other places have the family's vineyards.

Every year, every place, every idea means a new beginning, and it is also a new challenge to improve quality. As Marquis Pierrot said: “In our business philosophy, traditional roots play an important role. But tradition will never hinder our innovative spirit.”

Giovanni Pierrot, founder of the Anthony family dynasty

The Marquis of Piero and the three daughters of the family of the Anthony family wine industry

Marquis Pierrot and his three daughters, the head of the Anthony wine family

Honors and awards

Anthony's family is a prominent member of the "First Winery Family Organization" (PFV), a world-class wine-level organization that is a multinational organization joined by the world's top wine families. The organization was founded in 1992, and the 11 members include the famous Shishi Jiaya Winery, Mouton Winery, and Vega Sicilia Winery.

The winery's conventionally brewed Tignanello dry red was hailed as a revolutionary masterpiece of Italian wine, and the Solaia launched since then was named 2000 by the Wine Spectator. The first place in the big wine has become the masterpiece of Super Tuscany, and its other products have also won numerous awards. The Marquis of Pierro has basically included the “Lifetime Achievement Award” for most of the world's wine competitions, and has been named one of the 50 global wines by the authoritative “Decanter”. The Italian President also awarded him the "Da Vinci Quality Award" in 2004 in recognition of his good reputation for Italian products in the international market.

Culture and art

The badges, buildings, wine cellars and manors of the Anthony family are all masterpieces of Italian modern and contemporary artists. In addition to winemaking, the Anthony family has also been passionate about culture and art. The huge Anthony Family Library has a large collection of books that cover almost all the related books on wine. The family collects and protects many Tuscan country art and hosts national art exhibitions and events. Such as the 16th-20th Century Print Exhibition, Wine Contemporary Art Exhibition, etc.

In 2007, Anthony Family Academy also organized a contemporary art exhibition called “Pre...Bacco!”, inviting 21 contemporary artists to create works with the theme of Bacchus in their respective expressions.

In addition to wine, the family business also includes resorts, hotels, restaurants, specialty stores and other chain industries, blending Tuscan traditions with culture, agriculture, art and literary heritage.

In Caro's Art History Guide (1892), Tina Winery is described as one of the highest and most scenic spots in the region. The patchwork houses stand on the top of the hill, among the picturesque vineyards, dotted with historic buildings. It dates back to 1346, when the vineyard belonged to Buondelmonti and was almost purchased by the Anthony family in the mid-19th century.

Located in the heart of the classic Chianti, the Tianna Winery covers an area of 350 hectares, of which 147 hectares are vineyards. The Tianna wine covers an area of 47 hectares and the adjacent Soraya covers an area of 10 hectares. The soil is marl, mixed with muddy and chalky elements. It is located at an altitude of 350-450 meters. It is warm and cool at night, which is very suitable for grape growth. Grape varieties include Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Malvasia, and experimental varieties such as Merlot, Pinot Noir and Syrah. The estate also grows 27 hectares of olive trees and produces a small amount of pure olive oil.