Guado al Tasso:

Guado al Tasso estate is located in the small but prestigious Bolgheri DOC district, on the coast of upper Maremma, about 100 km southwest of Florence. With a relatively recent history, DOC Bolgheri was approved in 1995 and has since become an internationally recognized reference point for Italy and the international wine industry. It covers 2,500 acres; 790 acres are planted with grapes. The rest is covered in vast wheat fields, sunflowers and olive groves, nestled in a beautiful plain surrounded by rolling hillsides known as the Bolgheri amphitheater for its special shape. Grapes are grown in cabernet sauvignon, merlot, syrah, cabernet franc, verdot and vimentino. The nearby sea offers a mild climate and sustained breeze, reducing the heat of summer and harsh winter weather, maintaining sunny skies and high levels of sunlight.

Guado al Tasso designed a label with the Della Gherardesca family crest and the initials DG to honor these former householders.

The most distinctive geographical feature of the Guado al Tasso estate is the Bolgheri amphitheater, a beautiful plain surrounded by rolling hillsides facing the Tyrrhenian sea. The shape of the territory creates a unique microclimate with favorable temperature fluctuations. The estate's vineyard is located at the foot of the amphitheater, which is a perfect spot because a cool night breeze can cool the vines. These special weather conditions give the grapes a distinct aroma, ensuring the perfect ripening of the berries.

The original alluvial soil, which varies from sandy to silty clay, has fine grains of sand in some areas, called scheletro.