Agricola Punica

Agricola Punica is located in Sardinia on the southern tip of Italy. It is the current winemaker of SASSICALA. Dr. Sebastian Rosa and the Marquis of Nicolo, the owner of the Sanctuary winery, and the founder of the SASSICALA. Mo Tagis, together with the famous Santa di winery in Sardinia, was invested in 2002. The climatic conditions in the southwest corner of Sardinia are unique to the Carignan grape variety. The winter is mild and the summer is hot and dry. When the tropical monsoon from the African region blows over the coast of Sardinia, Italy enters the hottest season of the year. The average daily light duration of seven hours gives the grapes a perfect maturity, allowing the grapes to accumulate enough polyphenols.

Puneka produces a total of three great wines, two dry red: Barrua, Montessu, and Samas dry white. All three wines are blended. Among them, Barrua's first vintage has been enthusiastically sought after by the fans, so incredible beauty and complexity! The industry is widely rumored: "Barrua is very likely to be the next SASSICALA.!"