In 1926, the Coli brothers Pietro and Giovanni established their family business in Chianti, outside Florence. They began producing and selling Chianti and Chianti Classico wines in this region. In 1943, the brothers of the Kelly family gradually took over the management of the winery; after more than 30 years of managing the winery business, Elio Coli officially entered the operation of the winery in 1975 with the brothers Giampiero Coli and Gianfranco Coli. Over the years, COLI has continued to improve its winemaking technology and has become one of the most modern and competitive wineries in Italy.

The success of the COLI brand is due to the forward-looking awareness of the COLI family members who combine their product characteristics with changing market demands. In the rapidly changing market environment, they adhere to the inheritance since its inception, successfully linked the Italian tradition with high quality, and technical improvements day after day.